Authentic Spanish Cooking

Authentic Spanish Cooking shares the recipes of restaurant-quality food that you can easily recreate in your own home using traditional ingredients and methods.


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Up until three years ago I was confident that I had experienced true Spanish cooking bringing together the many flavors of the Mediterranean – and its health benefits too. I had vacationed many times in this incredible country and sampled many traditional dishes and there are numerous lovely Spanish restaurants emerging all over the UK now too.

Moving to Spain in 2015 made me quickly realize that I had not even scratched the surface and that the types of foods the Spanish eat, when they eat, their cooking methods and their use of herbs, spices, oils and locally produced foods was so incredibly different to anything I had tasted or experienced before.

My quest to learn as much as I could during my time in Spain about their food and culture resulted in me working in a wide range of incredible restaurants, some Michelin Star with award winning chefs and others only the locals would know where the grandmother is still cooking her famous recipes in what was her original house 60 years earlier. Some in the city, some by the beach and others hidden in the mountains.

Collaborating with many of the restaurants in which I worked, I have now brought to you Authentic Spanish Cooking which shares the recipes of restaurant quality food that you can easily recreate in your own home using traditional ingredients and methods. With each restaurant we have provided their most popular dishes including a starter, main course and dessert.


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