A Night at the Movies


Who doesn´t love a night at the movies. Instead of going to the cinema, I am going to create movie theatre foods to serve right here in our own home cinema.

1. Perfect Butter Popcorn

Perfect Butter PopCorn Recipe
Perfect Butter Popcorn
Homemade butter cinema-style popcorn with all the flavours of ghee butter. The perfect accompaniment to your films at home.
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2. Sweet Popcorn

Sweet Popcorn - Home Cooking With Julie
Sweet Popcorn
As if the smell of popcorn in the kitchen was good enough, add this delicious sweet sugary caramel for a heavenly combination.
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3. Hot dogs with Sticky Onions

hotdogs with sticky onions recipe
Hot dogs with Sticky Onions
Hot dogs are a family-friend meal that is a staple for parties, cinema at home or for a backyard BBQ. Today I'm going to show you my version of hotdogs with sticky onions.
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4. Nachos

Nachos Recipe | Home Cooking With Julie
Nachos is perfect for sharing with friends or during a cinema at home. try this easy nachos recipe with a guacamole and cheese sauce. Here at home my daughter loves cheese sauce and my son guacamole sauce
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5. Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies
These giant chocolate chip cookies are a favourite in our house and a movie night staple.
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