Peach Prosecco Cocktail

So here in Miami the sun shines most days, the beach is almost always in view, the sound of the waves hitting the sand……okay, okay you get it – it is a beach holiday vibe all year round, and beaches and holidays almost always include a cocktail of some kind so I thought it fitting to add in this bright and fresh cocktail to my Miami theme. Enjoy!

Irish Coffee

We just could not celebrate St Patricks day without having an Irish coffee. Invented in 1942 by chef Joe Sheridan to warm his guests up – and it certainly does that.

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows

Who doesn´t love hot chocolate especially one topped with lashings of whipped cream and marshmallows. My daughter says that this hot chocolate makes everything better and I have to agree.

Lemon Granizado

During the time I lived in Spain, I learned how to make the perfect Lemon Granizado. Frozen, Refreshing, a delicious summer drink.

Chai Latte

Strain the tea through a sieve then return to the pan to keep warm. Discard of the tea bags and spices. Did you make this …

Ice Cream Float

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