Pan fried Calamari

Calamari is rich in protein therefore sustaining energy and building muscle. It is rich in anti oxidants and vitamin B12 as well as potassium, iron and phosphorous thus boosting the immune system, bone and blood cell health. The garlic and parsley oil makes this dish even more nutritious.

Finest Aged Fillet of Beef

It is a wonderful source of protein required to repair and build muscle, bone and cartilage. It is also a fantastic source of minerals especially selenium and zinc. As long as red meat is not eaten every single day, this dish has a three star health rating.

Two Beef Two Bean Chilli

This is no regular chilli. It may have the usual winter warming spices but couple that with the extra beans plus the fillet steak and this becomes an award winning chilli that will satisfy the whole family.

Beef Wellington

Don´t be fooled into thinking that because this dish looks so impressive, it is super difficult to make – it really isn´t. A little time and attention is all it takes to create this showstopper of a dish.

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