Roasted Artichokes with Parmesan Crisp

My love for artichokes first blossomed when we lived in Valencia in Spain and I ate them every single day. Now we have moved to Miami, I am reigniting that love as they are so readily available and so so delicious. This is a great dish to place in the centre of the dinner table and let everyone share.

Courgette Lasagne

My diet is predominantly plant based and I am always looking for vegetarian dishes that please the whole family – this is one of them. Rich and delicious yet packing in those vegetables – and a low carb alternative to a regular lasagne.

Quinoa Tofu Veggie Bowl

Not so long ago my husband would have never dreamed of eating tofu. I realised that by not telling him what he was eating until after he tasted it has opened his mind to a whole new menu. This is now one of his favourite foods. Give it a try and you will soon know why.

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