Pan fried Tilapia

I often eat salad for breakfast and I love it. It also makes it easier to get in my 7 a day portions of fruit and vegetables. This is a delicious filling breakfast bowl that will have everyone converted to salad eating to start their day the right way.

Roasted Artichokes with Parmesan Crisp

My love for artichokes first blossomed when we lived in Valencia in Spain and I ate them every single day. Now we have moved to Miami, I am reigniting that love as they are so readily available and so so delicious. This is a great dish to place in the centre of the dinner table and let everyone share.

Courgette Lasagne

My diet is predominantly plant based and I am always looking for vegetarian dishes that please the whole family – this is one of them. Rich and delicious yet packing in those vegetables – and a low carb alternative to a regular lasagne.

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