Quinoa Tofu Veggie Bowl

Not so long ago my husband would have never dreamed of eating tofu. I realised that by not telling him what he was eating until after he tasted it has opened his mind to a whole new menu. This is now one of his favourite foods. Give it a try and you will soon know why.

Smokey Fish Dip

Living close to the sea means that there is always an abundance of fresh fish and seafood available so I thought I would capitalise on that in this recipe. Smokey, creamy, herby – it really is everything. Serve with a platter of raw vegetables, chips and breads and lunch is served.

Salmon Loaded Avocados

We eat tonnes of avocados in our house, I put them in my smoothies, Phil loves them chopped on his salad bowls, Isabella loves avocado on toast and Harvey likes the avocado chocolate mousse (he doesn’t actually know there is avocado in there) but this new recipe will be popular in the Neville house for sure.

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